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2061 Kopf

SingleVario 2061 RGB




The SingleVario 2061 is a simple and cost-effective way of creating two parking spaces from one. Since the system is built without pit, it can well be used for the modernization of existing houses or or office premises. The great benefit of the SingleVario 2061 is its high flexibility. It can be adjusted individually to existing spatial situations and different heights of vehicles. The lower parking space must always be empty in order for the platform to be lowered. The system is the ideal solution, if, for example, the upper platform is used for long-time parking and the lower parking space for short-time parking.


  • Single platforms (EB) for 2 vehicles
  • Total height of standard type: 330 cm
  • Pit depth: Not required
  • Vehicle measurement: Heights 150 to 200 cm, lengths 500 to 520 cm
  • Distance between platforms: Flexibly adjustable, even retroactively
  • Usable platform width for standard type: 230 cm,
    optionally up to max. 270 cm
  • Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space, optional max. 2.600 kg EB
  • Horizontal access to parking levels
  • Retroactive installation possible depending on local conditions
  • Platform surface: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
  • dependent parking


Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, single garage, underground parking lot, hotels, car dealing business, car rentals, storage of classic cars, outdoor installation, installation in backyards, long-time parking, short-time parking, subsequent installation in existing building


EN KMP 2061 160 2C
EN KMP 2061 170 2C
EN KMP 2061 180 2C
EN KMP 2061 190 2C
EN KMP 2061 200 2C
EN KMP 2061 210 2C