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Here you get an overview of our complete accessories program. Supplementary and comfortable, BikeSafe, noise protection or insert parts - make use of your creative freedom. Original accessories from KLAUS Multiparking are top quality products..


standard profile, no extra charge



The hot-dip “Easy Walk” platform profile is beautiful and practical. This platform covering which is made of fully closed hot-dip steel profiles with 12 mm high “beads” that run perpendicular to the platform, is ideal for everyone who values the advantages of a modern platform covering with an excellent walking and driving surface. This covering is an alternative to the highest quality profile in the Klaus product range – the “Alulonglife” covering. (optional at extra cost)


AluLongLife alulonglife rgb E

The aluminum profile AluLongLife with anodized surface that was specifically developed for this application stands out in many respects as unrivaled material with excellent properties: rust-proof, durable and of stable value, easy to keep, light but nonetheless extremely stable, excellent resistance to corrosion and atmospheric conditions, excellent accessibility and trafficability, high wear resistance. (optional at extra cost) AluLongLife info sheeto
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KLAUS Multiparking GmbH will offer your double parker with electric charging stations as an option in the future. This allows rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles to be charged directly in the parking garage. With the "E-Parking" project, the innovative parking system manufacturer wants to provide customers and end users with easy access for electric vehicles.
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BikeSafe Bild Kombination BikeSafe XS XL

Intelligent use of available space, if a bike comes with your car.
Make use of the easy-to-install Klaus BikeSafe

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Rubber inserts

Rubber inserts Bring your platform to perfection with rubber inserts as walkway or driveway

Rubber inserts as driveway info sheet
Rubber inserts as footway info sheet