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The Future needs Tradition

Since 1907, when Klaus started a wheelwright’s shop, intelligent technical solutions have characterized the company’s activities. By the 1960s, Klaus becomes a true poineer in technical history, constructing car bodies, inventing the Klaus-Bremsluft-Schnellkipper (an air brake quick tipper), developing innovative carousel constructions for amusement parks, and producing built-on excavators and loading cranes.

The first Klaus car parking systems enter the market in 1964. By 1972, the production is extended to three different series. In 1973, when the company moves into new premises in Aitrach (near Memmingen, southern Germany), it has already become one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems worldwide.

From 1975 on, the first licences are granted for the production of car parking systems, e. g. in Japan, and it is not later than 1980 that Klaus becomes internationally renowned for innovation and technical progress in all its business lines.

When dealing with new challenges, Klaus succeeds in keeping its edge in the market, based on flexibility and new ideas.

In 1985, the company expands its product line. The proportion of car parking systems with horizontal parking spaces increases compared to the inclined systems. At the same time, the systems are constantly adjusted to new vehicle dimensions.

In 1988, Klaus presents the new space-saving "Parking Automat" system, which quickly takes over the market. Finally, in 1993, fully automatic car parking systems are introduced, which store the vehicles themselves via computer-controlled operating elements, saving thus additional lanes and maneuvering areas. Up until today, Klaus has continued R&D and added new features to these systems, providing its customers with the newest and most advanced technical solutions.

And then, 40 years after the introduction of the first space saving systems, KLAUS Multiparking now introduces the new Multivario, a comprehensively designable and adjustable system, which leaves almost nothing to be desired and get the innovation award 2005/2006.

Thus, KLAUS Multiparking car parking systems stand for the basic, ever more important principles of our time of constant change: state-ofthe-art know-how, innovative technologies and individual solutions.

That is why our customers rely on progress based on tradition.

KLAUS Multiparking

Preserve the Past !
Shape the Present !
Open up the Future !

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