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360 Degrees: All-around Service from KLAUS Multiparking


KLAUS Multiparking, a leading international supplier of vehicle parking systems, will be presenting a completely new exhibition plan at the BAU 2013 in Munich. Based in Aitrach (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany), this manufacturer of quality systems will be arriving in Munich for the first time ever without an exhibit, instead taking the opportunity at the most important event in the industry to put on display their excellent quality of service and consulting expertise. All of this will be visualized with the help of a 360-degree panorama service turning platform.

"In the building industry, everybody knows that we are one of the few suppliers of premium parking systems that can find an ideal solution to cover any parking need," explains Günther Seiderer, managing director of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH. "With us, customers know they are in good hands in any situation. And this is exactly what we will be demonstrating at the BAU 2013."

The innovative solutions offered by this vehicle parking specialist make it clear that architects, planners, builders and building owners always expect a little bit more from KLAUS Multiparking. In the case of the MultiBase 2072, this little bit more amounts to exactly five centimeters. The difference here is that these five extra centimeters can be handled easily by new platforms from Klaus, while competitor systems are unable to cope in an environment with the same structural dimensions, leaving cars out in the rain. This innovation from KLAUS Multiparking is available as a single or double platform for two or four vehicles and can handle cars with a height of up to 205 in suitable structural conditions.

New additions to an already extensive product range also include the MultiBase U1, U2 and U2 underfloor parking systems from Klaus Multiparking – a parking solution that is as invisible as it is space-saving. As a double platform, the MultiBase U3 provides space for up to six vehicles to disappear completely below ground. Plants or grass paving can be placed over the upper platform of all of these MultiBase systems, making the underfloor platforms an especially harmonious addition to the outside environment.

Klaus guarantees quality. And accepts nothing less. As proof, the company provides an extended warranty for up to twelve years on their premium "AluLonglife" aluminum platform covering that even provides protection against salt water. "The extremely positive experiences that we've had since introducing this new covering in 2007 led us to decide to extend our guarantee," explains Seiderer. In addition to the legally required guarantee, customers taking advantage of a maintenance agreement were greeted with an extension to the VOB-required guarantee of four years to five, another testament to the outstanding customer service practiced at KLAUS Multiparking.

"We expect to gain quite a bit of momentum for the coming year at the BAU 2013," explains sales manager Thomas Baumgärtel, who is very familiar with current trends. "Our innovative solutions are clearly ahead of the curve. Around the world, urbanization is gaining steam as never before, with the accompanying challenges increasing constantly – not just for architects and building engineers, but for parking specialists as well. With our premium parking systems, we are helping to create parking areas in the smallest spaces available. This not only helps individuals find a parking spot, but also ensures that society keeps moving over the long term. And since cars are getting larger and heavier, innovations like the MultiBase 2072 and other systems we are constantly developing are helping to ensure that even these extra-large vehicles can be accommodated while still saving space."

Press release: 360 Degrees: All-around Service from KLAUS Multiparking