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TrendVario 4300

TrendVario 4300 RGB




Cologne, Im Zollhafen 12-14, Rheinauhafen

Project data

Imposing dockside cranes in disguise

An impressive spectacle is on display on the banks of the river Rhine: giant structures soaring 60 meters into the air that resemble dockside cranes but are used as residential and offi ce buildings. The complexes situated between these magnifi cent structures also offer ample space for business and living. For area residents and workers, there is another spectacle available: the public underground parking garage just for them – featuring advanced TrendVario systems.

Space-saving parking right next to the Rhine

At 1.6 km, the underground parking area located directly next to the Rhine is the longest public underground
parking garage in all of Europe. It was indeed a challenge to optimize the space available to create additional parking opportunities here. The result? 139 space-saving parking spaces offering the
full convenience of TrendVario 4200 and 4300 systems. And thanks to a perfect logistical situation, the
public garage was able to operate fully while the TrendVario systems were being placed and installed.

ProjectIm Zollhafen 12-14, Rheinauhafen, Cologne
Project addressCologne, Im Zollhafen 12-14, (Rheinauhafen)
Date of Installation2011, 2012, 2013
KLAUS Multiparker33 parking spaces TrendVario 4200
106 parking spaces TrendVario 4300

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