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The Future needs Tradition

Year of foundation: Family Klaus starts the business near Bad Tölz as a wheelwright’s shop.

Kaspar Klaus opens a car body works and a vehicle manufacturing factory.

During the war years the company‘s main projects are in the field of repair and manufacturing of transport vehicles.

Move to the company premises in Memmingen, these premises still exist today. This is the time of the pioneering invention of the Klaus-Bremsluft-Schnellkipper (an air brake quick tipper). More than 100,000 of these air brake quick tippers are sold all over the world.


Based on the company’s extraordinary knowledge of pneumatics, Klaus develops equipment for amusement parks such as merry-go-rounds and carousels for showmen. These constructions are a genuine amusement park attraction. The world-wide export of these easy-to-assemble constructions constitutes the obvious proof of good quality and progressive technology. More than 100 installations are delivered.

1953 1950

Once again Klaus are ahead of their times. A hydraulic gripper programme is developed, right into the Eighties this programme constitutes a significant production line. This is also the time when Klaus specializes as a manufacturer of superstructures for the "Unimog" of Daimler-Benz AG. Up to 1983 more than 3,000 excavators and loading cranes are produced for the "Unimog".

As early as in 1964 the first Klaus car parking systems enter the market, as parking space has generally become a scarce commodity. For the production of these parking systems Klaus opens up an autonomous production site in Aitrach. Ten km to the south of Memmingen this production site is managed as a branch.

Klaus treads completely new paths in the construction of vehicles and starts the production of the patented Klaus-Seitenlader (side loader). This innovative technology, too, is a world-wide success and an important link for the handling of containers between road and rail.

As regards car parking systems, meanwhile 3 different series of car parking systems are available from Klaus. 1972 was also the 1st year when one of the larger underground garages was equipped with mechanical car parking systems with up to 300 parking spaces. This took place in connection with a lot of building activity in preparation of the Olympic Games in Munich.

Klaus moves into the new company building in the industrial area in Aitrach. The years to come are characterized by continuous expansion. Due to the constant development of their car parking systems Klaus have become one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems world-wide.
This is the year of the formation of the company Klaus GmbH for car parking systems in Aitrach. The first licences are granted for the production of car parking systems, e.g. in Japan. At the annual Klaus trade-fairs at the production site Memmingen the various types of side loaders are presented to a vast circle of interested customers.   

Klaus has meanwhile become a successful company which is known world-wide. Klaus provide the most different product lines under their roof: side loaders, vehicle construction, superstructures for the "Unigmog", glass cutting technology, garage transporters, special constructions and car parking systems.

The company Klaus in Memmingen is sold.

In the course of the following years the share in exports is increased continuously. Car parking systems are distributed world-wide.

The product line is innovated and expanded in accordance with the market requirements. The proportion of car parking systems with horizontal parking spaces increases in relation to the inclined car parking systems. Constant adjustments to modified vehicle dimensions are carried out.

Trends towards more comfortable parking facilities open up the market for the new system "Parking Automat". The parking automat facilitates horizontal parking exclusively, with varying headrooms and simultaneously less walled up space.

The line of business is once again extended, fully automatic car parking systems are added to the programme. These became especially necessary with the intensification of building activity in general and especially due to the particular space restrictions in connection with the renovation of the old parts of towns and cities. For these car parking systems neither carriageways nor maneouvring areas are required. The vehicle is stored in a vacant space via computer-controlled operating elements. 

Invention of a new mechanical compensation system, patent pending. The trademark System 2000 for this new system has also been applied for. Several car parking systems incorporate this new compensation system and thus provide increased parking comfort.

Development of additional components for fully automatic car parking systems.

Development and construction of Klaus Trinity, a parking system without pit for 3 cars stacked. The shipment of the first systems has been effected in August 2002.

For reasons of internationalization Klaus Autoparksysteme GmbH have changed their company name into KLAUS Multiparking.

Forty years after the introduction of the first space saving parking systems, KLAUS Multiparking, right in time for this anniversary, is now presenting its new Multivario, a comprehensively designable and adjustable system, which leaves almost nothing to be desired.

KLAUS Multiparking get innovation award 2005/6 for the parking system MultiVario.

New storage building and roofed over commission area under construction

New office building

Website Award Mittelstand 2009
Development of TrendVario 4300 & 4100

KLAUS Multiparking wins a “Website Award for Medium-Sized
Businesses in Baden Wuerttemberg 2009“

Firmenzentrale Klaus Multiparking
At the beginning of 2009 the extension of the existing office building was completed.

MultiBase 2072
KLAUS Multiparking presents the latest product innovation, the MultiBase 2072. Due to the various variants the system fits into every planning and is suitable for all kind of cars (wide, heavy, high).