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1. Juni 2016

Extraordinary parking garage is the crowning jewel of the Müggelsee Residences in Berlin

Residential project in a conservation area relies on innovative parking system from Klaus Multiparking

Berlin/Aitrach (jm).
Sumptuous luxury apartments, at the heart of a beautiful park with plenty of green spaces and right on the shoreline of Berlin's largest lake – the Müggelsee Residences are a place where other people go on holiday. Until summer 2017, a total of 50 new apartments are being created in homes of different sizes in an exquisite housing development in the exclusive residential area of Friedrichshagen on a plot of land measuring almost 12,000 m². The stately home is not only a top residential address, it is also a top reference project for Klaus Multiparking GmbH, headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg). By combining two different parking systems, the premium manufacturer helped the investor to minimise the amount of land used when compared to the original plans, whilst simultaneously increasing the number of parking spaces by 30%.

"Before getting in touch with Klaus Multiparking, we had calculated a maximum of 30 parking spaces for the entire site in total. And the parking garage was a truly massive structure. We've now managed the almost impossible: the parking garage is now only 6.50 metres tall, and almost 1.80 metres shorter than planned as a result. And instead of 30 parking spaces, we're now even able to provide 39 parking spaces. That's really fantastic, because we were able to save space and yet still add extra parking facilities," says Hans-Jürgen Alda, Managing Director of the property management company Müggelseedamm.

This pleases not only Alda, but the residents as well, as using less land means that they now have considerably more green areas where they can go to relax. Visually, the parking garage also blends in with the overall ensemble of the Müggelsee Residences in an attractive and appealing way. Due to its lower height, the structure looks considerably smaller from the street, and the entire site more inviting as a result.

As the residential complex is located at the heart of Müggelsee's nature reserve, you are not allowed to drive there in a car. The site is also of historical importance: back in the 18th century, at the time of the Prussian King Frederick II, the area around Müggelsee was a popular destination for excursions. "During planning, we had to ensure that we retained the charm of the complex which is steeped in history whilst providing state-of-the-art conveniences. That's why a parking garage and concierge service were an integral part of the concept from the very beginning," explains Alda.

"Lots of spaces in a confined area: we love challenges like this," says Thomas Baumgärtel, Sales Manager of Klaus Multiparking GmbH. The parking space specialists from Aitrach then put all of their expertise to good use in the Müggelsee project. "To ensure it was possible to implement the 39 parking spaces required by Mr Alda and the architects in the first place, without further ado we combined two TrendVario 4300 semi-automatic parking systems with a MultiBase U1 underfloor platform. We installed this in the access lane so that it can be driven on, creating two additional underground parking spaces in the process," explains Baumgärtel.

The two TrendVario 4300 semi-automatic parking systems from Klaus Multiparking are the centrepiece of the parking garage at Müggelsee Residences. Both three-storey parking systems provide space for a total of 28 vehicles. They have been laid out on each side of the access lane in a grid of five, so that 14 parking spaces are available on both the left and right-hand sides. The parking spaces in the TrendVario system from Klaus Multiparking can be shifted horizontally and vertically, whereby a vacant space is always required in each system so that all the vehicles can be retrieved independently of one another for the users.

Despite the space-saving solution, the residents of the Müggelsee Residences don't have to make any compromises when it comes to parking either. The systems from Klaus Multiparking house vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 2.6 tonnes and a height of up to 2.10 metres, meaning that even the latest generation of heavy SUVs are accommodated without any problems. With a parking space width of 2.50 metres (TrendVario) and 2.40 metres (MultiBase U1), as well as a clearance of 2.10 metres, the residents have ample room when driving in and out.

"We had originally thought that the cars would be parked and retrieved by our 24-hour concierge service. But many residents prefer to do it themselves because they get on so well with the system from Klaus Multiparking, and because people are simply reluctant to hand over their car keys," explains Alda. Half of the apartments and homes are now lived in, and the remaining residential units will be completed in the final construction phase by summer 2017.

Although the parking garage is close to the homes, the residents don't have to put up with noise emissions. "Owing to the redesign, the façades of the parking garage on the ground floor level could be designed to have very few openings. This significantly reduces the noise level for the surrounding apartments. That too is an extra convenience and therefore real added value," says Alda, who is completely satisfied with the construction of the parking garage and the support provided by Klaus Multiparking GmbH: "The development of the Müggelsee Residences spanned over ten years, and I am incredibly proud that we're now able to offer an attractive residential complex in the midst of such breathtaking natural beauty in a class of its own. An extraordinary parking garage is the crowning jewel of our extraordinary residential project."

About the Müggelsee Residences:
The Müggelsee Residences residential complex is located right on the shores of Lake Müggelsee and completes the exclusive residential area of Friedrichshagen. The apartments, lake houses and penthouses are surrounded by well-kept lawns and paths. The owners are entitled to additional luxurious extras: a private shoreline, their own beach and mooring area for sailing boats or pleasure craft, spa facilities and an exclusive 24-hour concierge service. The housing development also has a space-saving and innovative parking system with the parking garage from Klaus Multiparking GmbH.
Lake Müggelsee covers an area of approximately 7.5 km², making it Berlin's largest lake. Sailing and windsurfing are popular sports that can be enjoyed across the entire width of the lake. Lake Müggelsee is also perfect for a walk or bike ride along the shoreline.

About Klaus Multiparking GmbH:
With around 600,000 parking spaces installed and 65 sales partners on all continents, Klaus Multiparking, headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg), ranks among the leading suppliers of vehicle parking systems. Klaus Multiparking provides innovative solutions for dependent or independent parking, such as for example double parkers, duplex parkers and stack parkers. The company is primarily known for its multiparking systems of the MultiVario and MultiBase type, the semi-automatic TrendVario parking systems and the various fully automatic MasterVario parking systems, enabling space-saving parking in the form of shelf, tower or layer systems as well as lift/shuttle systems. Single platforms such as SingleVario and SingleUp and various underfloor systems also form part of the product range. For the past 50 years, all Multiparking solutions have been produced exclusively in Germany, subject to the highest quality standards. Premium parking systems by Klaus Multiparking are tailored to individual requirements. They make efficient use of the space available and enable comfortable driving in and driving out.
The company employs a total of 160 staff in the Aitrach production works. It has already won awards for its innovative ideas such as the MultiVario parking system, including the Innovation Prize of the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg. The history of Klaus Multiparking GmbH goes back to 1907, when Klaus was founded as a wheelwright’s shop in Bad Tölz (Bavaria). Klaus Multiparking has been making parking systems since 1964.

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