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02. May 2014

Space-saving parking right next to the Rhine...

There are 139 of Klaus Multiparking's TrendVario parking spaces in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne

A completely new parking dimension: Visit the modern city district of Rheinauhafen in Cologne and you will not only experience an urban architectural highlight of exceptional quality, but will also get to park in the longest public underground car park in Europe. Up to 2,100 vehicles can find a space along a length of 1.6 kilometres. Klaus Multiparking GmbH, based in Aitrach, is among those involved in this innovative traffic and parking concept. The premium provider has, via its semi-automatic TrendVario 4200 and 4300 parking systems, made a total of 139 parking spaces available for the office and residential buildings in this new “in” district of Cologne.

“In this project, too, the greatest challenge has been to make the best possible use of the space. Using our TrendVario systems, we have had particularly efficient success, being able to fit an additional 139 parking spaces into a very tight space. This represents a significant benefit for the investors and the present operators of the Rheinauhafen,” said Günther Seiderer, managing director of Klaus Multiparking GmbH.

The Klaus Multiparking GmbH premium parking systems were installed over a total of three construction phases. Thanks to ingenious logistics during installation, the public car park continued to function fully without any problems.

The sales manager Thomas Baumgärtel praised the excellent co-operation between the Klaus Multiparking project team, the general contractor and the building contractor: “All those involved pulled together throughout, ensuring a truly impressive solution, which has made us all proud.”

In the first building phase, the Klaus Multiparking specialists implemented an initial 41 parking spaces using the three-storey TrendVario 4300, which was followed by 33 further spaces using the two-storey TrendVario type. The third and final construction phase once again made use of the TrendVario 4300 to create 65 parking spaces. Most of the parking spaces are equipped with the “EasyWalk” platform coating by Klaus Multiparking.

The TrendVario parking systems installed in Cologne will take vehicles with a weight of up to 2,600 kg. The maximum vehicle height of 205 cm also means that there is also sufficient space for vans and SUVs in Rheinauhafen. The parking spaces are arranged on two or three levels, one above the other, with the vehicles parked on sturdy steel platforms. The upper floor (UF) platforms are moved vertically and the ground floor (GF) platforms horizontally. There is always one fewer parking space in the drive-in-level: this vacant space is used for the sideways movement of the parking spaces on the ground floor, in order to lower a parking space situated above on the upper floor to the drive-in-level.

About the Rheinauhafen project:
The Rheinauhafen in the south of the city of Cologne, opened in 1898, is a former harbour, currently being converted into a residential, office, service and commercial area. The restructuring of the Rheinauhafen is one of the city of Cologne's largest urban construction programmes. Its location, directly on the Rhine and close to the inner city, make it a highly attractive new district. On a 240,000 square metre gross ground plan area, a mixture of residential and work properties, plus art and culture facilities, have been created. A range of fine gastronomy from all over the world plus an increasing number of service providers, make the harbour an attractive destination, not only for lovers of architecture. An emblematic architectural attraction are the three so-called crane houses. Their design reflects the typical harbour crane shape and in their triple form they create a striking ensemble of buildings that has become a significant urban architectural landmark.