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REFERENCES  Great Britain


KLAUS Multiparking Reference Projects
London, The Shard

Technical information:

This 95-story glass tower soaring 310 meters over the streets of London is the tallest building in all of Western Europe.
KLAUS Multiparking has installed a fully automatic parking system to serve this new 110,000 m² building complex. Guests of the extravagant Shangri-La hotel now have the opportunity to park their vehicles with the simple push of a button. This 6-story fully automatic parking system is well hidden beneath the ground. An area of only 24 square meters is all that is needed on the ground floor to receive the vehicles.

The automobiles are then safely, quickly and fully automatically moved from the transfer cabin to one of the six different levels of the MasterVario R3 system. Each level provides four parking spaces on both the left and right for vehicles up to 5.2 meters in length and 2.15 meters in width. The sixth level can take on 7 SUVs with a maximum vehicle height of up to 1,85 meters, while the other 41 vehicles can be up to 1.57 meters high. An area of only 2,380 m³ and a space of 184 m² is thus needed to accommodate a total of 48 vehicles, which corresponds to a floor space of not even 4 m² per vehicle. In comparison, other parking systems that rely on ramps and driving lanes require over 30 m² per vehicle.

Being able to contribute to this prestigious project has already paid off in a big way for Klaus Multiparking. Managing director Günther Seiderer couldn't be more pleased: "The Shard project is definitely in a league of its own, and our participation has already led to quite a few interesting inquiries for additional projects."

Project data

Project London, The Shard
ClientMace, London
Date of Installation März 2013
KLAUS Multiparker48 parking spaces MasterVario

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 Grafik 3D The Shard 2C 01