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MultiBase 2072: Taking on the Heavyweights

Innovative parking system from KLAUS Multiparking handles vehicles up to 205 cm in height and weighing up to 3,000 kilograms.

Higher, wider and heavier: With the innovative MultiBase 2072 multi-parking system, German manufacturer KLAUS Multiparking, based in Aitrach (Baden-Wuerttemberg), provides the perfect response to the XXL trend in the automotive industry with a space-saving solution for the heaviest vehicles on the street. Whether it's the 2.70 meter wide single platform or the 5.40 meter double platform, the MultiBase 2072 can handle everything from the newest Golf and all-terrain vehicles to the classiest SUV.

The development team at KLAUS Multiparking is especially proud of the 5 cm height advantage that the MultiBase 2072 has over the competition. Planners, architects and building owners alike enjoy the extra freedom that this system from KLAUS Multiparking provides – after all, it requires less enclosed space for vehicles of the same height than systems from other providers. "The beauty of the MultiBase 2072 is that it's the top system on the market for getting the most parking space out of even the smallest areas," explains Günther Seiderer, managing director of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH.

Günther Seiderer and sales manager Thomas Baumgärtel see great potential and a wide area of use for this latest innovation from Aitrach. "The MultiBase 2072 is just as interesting for areas being renovated as it is for new building projects," explains Baumgärtel. "It doesn't just excel in underground parking lots or garages, these systems can also be used outdoors."

The MultiBase 2072 has no problem handling even the heaviest vehicles: The double platform variant supports vehicles up to 2,600 kilograms, with the single platform model even taking beasts weighing in at up to 3,000 kilograms.

The MultiBase 2072 from KLAUS Multiparking doesn't stop there; it also provides comfort and convenience for drivers. With a platform width of 2.70 meters (single platform) or 5.40 meters (double platform), each variant provides more than enough space to easily exit the vehicles – and not only when two Smart cars are parked next to each other.

When designing individual parking areas, architects, planners and building owners enjoy the ultimate freedom of being able to combine single and double platforms from KLAUS Multiparking into any configuration whatsoever.

"With the development of the MultiBase 2072, we further back up our claim as a leader in innovative technology," says Günther Seiderer. "Our customers know that they can expect more from us than from anyone else. The MultiBase 2072 is another example of how we not only live up to our reputation, but that we always deliver what we say we will."

Like all other parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking, the MultiBase 2072 is available with a variety of different covering options. For example, customers can choose from the high-end "AluLonglife" variant that provides protection against salt water, the "EasyWalk" type composed of fully closed hot-dip steel or the standard trapezoid covering.

Press release: MultiBase 2072: Taking on the Heavyweights
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