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With great interest and enthusiasm the visitors marvelled at the highly flexible and new flagship, the Trendvario:
Flexible and stylish and in a completely new design, now also to be arranged one behind the other, about 20 individual gate options, new control system, platform profile, EasyWalk feature and monitoring are all parts of the highlights, just as its ecological upgrade with filling post for electric cars.

“Praktical parking in the courtyard“ and „Pre-planning for the family future“ were only two of the many topics the visitors could get information about in  their conversations and discussions with the Klaus Multiparking experts in their search for innovative solutions for the dearth of parking space.

Just in time for the Bau the new image and project film was completed. And so it was “Lights off, spot on” for a successful premiere at our stand.

The extended standby service of our installers as from January 2011 was also well received. True to our slogan “Being there for our customers is one of the crucial premises of Klaus Multiparking GmbH“ we now offer a 24-hour service hotline and an extended standby service.

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