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San Franciso - The Blu

San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Aussen 003 400x600
San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Innen 006 800x480
San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Innen 009 800x533

This is a 21-storey residential tower with 114 residential units.
This project was a sale as opposed to a rental project.
Parking systems were used to provide at least one parking space per residential unit.
Although the city had approved the construction of the building with less storage space, the owners were of the opinion that they residential units in this price range (700,000 to 1,000,000) could not sell without parking.
Through the use of a provision has been made possible Klaus systems of required parking spaces, without having to go deep underground to this.
Underground parking would have been due to the soft ground conditions and the necessary shoring much more expensive.

Project data

Project San Francisco - Folsom Street 361
Project address631 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA, USA
ClientMr. Doug Cefali, Malcolm Properties Inc.
Date of Installation märz 2009
Sold byKlaus Parking Systems Inc.
3652 Chestnut St. Ste. A
Lafayette, CA 94549
KLAUS Multiparker76 parking spaces
combination P310 mit P200
 36 parking spaces P310

San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Innen 001 400x600
  San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Innen 005 800x533
  San Francisco 361 Folsom Street Innen 003 400x600