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KLAUS Multiparking Reference Projects
Melbourne, Howard St.

Technical information:
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Creative work in the heart of Melbourne
The office building designed by JAM Architects succeeds in making an impression in an extremely restricted space, owing to its simplicity in design and functional glass and steel construction. The building, which is located in a creative district in the east of Melbourne, offers 23 parking spaces, despite its small footprint. The entrance to the TrendVario parking spaces is at ground level.

Space-saving parking with the right look
Having your own parking space in the boomtown of Melbourne is certainly not to be taken for granted. This is even more true in the cramped building conditions found in Howard Street 7. The parking solution implemented using TrendVario 4300 manages to make convenient parking in a confined space possible. The gates to the parking spaces are a particular highlight. The gates fit into the façade perfectly, without compromising the aesthetics.

Simon Gilson – KLAUS Multiparking, Australia
This is a high profile project for us because it is directly accessible from the road and is part of the facade of the system. It has a very high specification and the client was very particular about achieving a high level of finish. The client’s building is very much part of his brand as it represents the quality of his work to his clients so it was very important that we achieved a good result. Accordingly, we also use this system for promotional use because it is also so impressive for our potential customers.

Project data

Project Melbourne, Howard St.
ClientElement 5
Date of Installation April 2011
KLAUS Multiparker23 parking spaces
on TrendVario 4300
 Specialelectric gates integrated into the fassade