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12 sanierung 180x460Everything nice again

Everything under control
with KLAUS Multiparking


Tailor made and always fast

To give you peace of mind from a technical as well as a legal point of view, we offer comprehensive, non-binding consultation.

  • be pleased to offer advice, or our service specialists
    can give you a best-price quote
  • arrange an onsite appointment
  • give you a completely individual modernisation or
    renovation proposal with a fixed price

Once you decide on the right solution for you, we can arrange a work time schedule for you.
Most work is completed within a week to leave your Multiparker sparkling like new.

Naturally we give our fully comprehensive guarantee for all works carried out.

Superseding - before
 Superseding - after


Make the right decision, weigh it up for yourself:

Much has been promised in the last while, here as well, first check every little detail:

  • Is a comprehensive guarantee provided as before?
  • Are you technically and legally sound, do the components offered fit your requirements?
  • Do the materials used have verificaton of authenticity?
  • Is the loading capacity guaranteed as before?
  • Is the material used secured against subsequent deforming?
  • Are many years of experience with materials present
    (for example, can an object that was cleaned 5 years ago be inspected?)
  • Does it conform to DIN EN 14010?
  • Have you been promised too much about better materials (think about it, stainless steel
    is not particularly suitable for this use as they offer no resistance to splash water containing road salt).
    Is, as before – regardless of the material – a good cleaning and maintenance responsible
    in part for the life duration of the Parking system.

KLAUS Multiparking offers more:

  • Original spare parts
  • Professional onsite consultation
  • Country-wide Service network
  • Central HQ
  • Professional installation
  • Short response times

Customized solutions (system modifications, adaptation to individual vehicle requirements,
2nd access point, upgrading to latest safety standards)