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The Ideal Hideaway for Cars

MultiBase underfloor platforms from KLAUS Multiparking make cars vanish.

KLAUS Multiparking is now making parking areas invisible. The new MultiBase U1, U2 and U3 underfloor parking system, which can hide up to six vehicles underground, can also be decorated on the surface to fit perfectly into the environment – all while remaining flush with the ground and able to be driven on.

Whether it's the front garden area, other green spaces or a courtyard behind the building, MultiBase underfloor platforms from KLAUS Multiparking provide accommodation for up to six vehicles in areas where parking spaces seem unthinkable – without anyone even noticing. This innovation is made possible by up to three levels that can be sunk into the ground completely, making it impossible to see any of the vehicles when the system closed.

MultiBase underfloor systems from KLAUS Multiparking are available as a single platform with a width of up to 2.70 meters or as a double platform with a width of up to 5.40 meters. The length of U1, U2 and U3 systems is also flexible. If the standard 5.00 meter isn't sufficient for the length of the vehicle, underfloor platforms up to 5.20 meters are also available.

MultiBase underfloor platforms can also handle extremely heavy vehicles weighing up to 2,600 kilograms. This makes it possible for the double platform variant of KLAUS Multiparking's U3 system to easily hold up to 20 tons (including the weight of the system itself).

With this technology, KLAUS Multiparking has proven once again that they are at the top of their industry. "Our specialists have even developed an excellent system for handling the challenge of water drainage," says Günther Seiderer, managing director of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH. On MultiBase underfloor platforms, all of the platforms are raised and equipped with a directed water drain placed centrally over the rear lift supports. This prevents vehicles from getting dirty even during heavy rainfall or other wet and cold conditions. KLAUS Multiparking has also focused squarely on easy maintenance of their systems. Both hydraulic cylinders can be replaced from above, for example.

The point of connection of underfloor platforms with the upper platforms can also be individually designed. "Grass paving, paving stones or any other structural covering – the surface can always be selected in such a way that the MultiBase fits right into the environment without disturbing any of its existing harmony," explains Thomas Baumgärtel, sales manager of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH.

Press release: The Ideal Hideaway for Cars
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