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1. September 2016

Making a Mercedes disappear in the front garden of a luxury city home

Hidden parking solution in the exclusive residential area of Harvestehude in Hamburg thanks to the innovative MultiBase U2 underfloor parking system from Klaus Multiparking

Hamburg/Aitrach (jm).
Opulent city homes, grand houses, idyllic gardens, expansive green spaces – and all just a few steps from the water's edge: the district of Harvestehude is one of the most sought-after and prestigious quarters in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The residential area between Außenalster lake and the Isebek canal is the perfect place in which to live. But it's a different story altogether when it comes to parking, because parking spaces are scarce. One home owner has now come up with a particularly clever way out of this tricky situation: all he does is make up to two cars disappear in the front garden of his luxury city home. That sounds like David Copperfield, but in reality it's down to the expertise of Klaus Multiparking GmbH, which is headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg). With the help of the innovative MultiBase U2 underfloor platform from the premium parking system manufacturer, vehicles in Harvestehude are now parked in no time at all and completely protected from theft underground.

"Our customer was in a real dilemma: he no longer wanted to park his car in his front garden as he had done previously. Due to the layout of the plot, however, there was ultimately no alternative place other than right in front of the front door. So we had to come up with something special and make the vehicles disappear. It's a good job that we have the perfect solution to such a challenge with our MultiBase underfloor system," explains Thomas Baumgärtel, Sales Manager of Klaus Multiparking GmbH.

As a single platform, what makes it ingenious is that the innovative MultiBase U2 parking system from Klaus Multiparking has space for up to two cars on two levels. These can be completely lowered into the ground so that not a single vehicle can be seen when the system is closed. "Our customer is able to park his cars quickly and easily right in front of his front door, without any parked vehicles taking up the front garden. An elegant and safe solution," asserts Baumgärtel. That's because once the cars have been lowered into the ground, they're not only hidden, but they're also protected from vandalism, theft and harmful environmental impacts, such as hail.

The MultiBase U2 underfloor system creates a car-free area above-ground, which can be designed however you wish. "This means that there are virtually no limits to creativity. It doesn't matter whether it's turf, sand or paving stones: you can select the surface so that the parking system blends in perfectly with the surroundings and remains completely hidden," explains Baumgärtel. That's also the case in Hamburg: with plants in the centre and surrounded by paving stones, the MultiBase in Harvestehude creates a particularly elegant transition to the paved driveway. The MultiBase closes flush to the ground and the entire surface can be driven on.

The two-storey parking system installed in Hamburg by Klaus Multiparking houses vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 2.0 tonnes and a height of up to 1.65 metres. This means that it is not only fast sports cars that are accommodated without any problems; compact SUVs are too. With a parking space width of 2.50 metres, the residents have ample room to get in and out of their vehicles.
The parking process is easy, safe and quick. Via a control unit, the user can raise and lower the parking system using a key. This means that the car can be driven into or out of the first level within just one minute. Those who like to be even smarter can easily operate the MultiBase using an app, which has been specially developed by Klaus Multiparking. This feature can also be retrofitted to existing underfloor systems at any time.

Due to the space-saving dimensions and their ease of use, the MultiBase underfloor systems from Klaus Multiparking are a sensible solution for private individuals with parking problems in particular. "More and more home owners are counting on this space-saving model, which provides them with extra usable space and extra visual design freedom on their plot," says Baumgärtel. The specialists from Klaus Multiparking take care of everything.  This begins during planning, and continues well past the installation of the system at the construction site. "Our customers can always fully rely on our expert assistance," says the Sales Manager.

The professionals from Klaus Multiparking are also happy to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the parking system. An expert service team can be contacted around the clock and will be quickly on hand if anything should go wrong. If a maintenance agreement is concluded, the company also offers a five-year warranty on its underfloor platforms. The MultiBase systems from Klaus Multiparking are all available as single or double platforms as U1 (one level), U2 or U3 with up to three levels, meaning that as many as six vehicles can be made to disappear underground, depending on the system that is selected.

There's an interesting expansion option for those who aren't satisfied with the underground space: if a suitable surface is selected and the safety regulations are complied with, it is also possible to park on top of the MultiBase systems from Klaus Multiparking, of course.

About Klaus Multiparking GmbH:
With around 700,000 parking spaces installed and 65 sales partners on all continents, Klaus Multiparking, headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg), ranks among the leading suppliers of vehicle parking systems. Klaus Multiparking provides innovative solutions for dependent or independent parking, such as for example double parkers, duplex parkers and stack parkers. The company is primarily known for its multiparking systems of the MultiVario and MultiBase type, the semi-automatic TrendVario parking systems and the various fully automatic MasterVario parking systems, enabling space-saving parking in the form of shelf, tower or layer systems as well as lift/shuttle systems or SmartParkers. Single platforms such as SingleVario and SingleUp and various underfloor systems also form part of the product range. For the past 50 years, all Multiparking solutions have been produced exclusively in Germany, subject to the highest quality standards. Premium parking systems by Klaus Multiparking are tailored to individual requirements. They make efficient use of the space available and enable comfortable driving in and driving out. In order to best serve the growing market in India, the company has begun a joint venture there using its own production facilities.

Klaus Multiparking employs a total of 175 staff at the Aitrach production works. It has already won awards for its innovative ideas such as the MultiVario parking system, including the Innovation Prize of the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg. The history of Klaus Multiparking GmbH goes back to 1907, when Klaus was founded as a wheelwright’s shop in Bad Tölz (Bavaria). Klaus Multiparking has been making parking systems since 1964.  

Further information:
Klaus Multiparking GmbH, Hermann-Krum-Straße 2, 88319 Aitrach, phone +49 (0) 7565/508-0, fax +49 (0)7565/508-88, info@multiparking.com, www.multiparking.com

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