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Luzern Verkehrshaus

Luzern Verkehrshaus


Klaus makes it

big in the theatre

The parking system specialists from Aitrach provide equipment for Europe's most diverse museum in Luzern



Klaus Multiparking GmbH makes it big in the theatre, and they do this literally because the innovative parking system manufacturers with headquarters in Aitrach (Baden-Wuerttemberg) entertain approximately a million visitors yearly in the new "car theatre" at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern. The two-storey "road transport" hall was opened in 2009 marking the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Museum of Transport, the most diverse and modern museum in Europe. The heart of the exhibition hall is a spectacular car theatre – a specially developed fully automatic parking system from Klaus Multiparking.


80 different carriages, bicycles and automobiles from the time between 1860 and 2005 are on show. At the press of a button, visitors select which vehicle the Klaus parking robot will bring out for closer examination. At the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern, a total of more than 3,000 items can be viewed in an area of about 20,000 square meters.


"We're very proud that we were able to participate in such a fantastic project. Our parking system at the Swiss Museum of Transport is like a symbioses between humans and machines – it's very exciting that we are able to put one of our systems to use on a cultural level," says Günther Seiderer, one of the three managing directors at Klaus Multiparking GmbH. "The car theatre and the high rack storage area are the heart of the new road transport hall," explains the curator of the Swiss Museum of Transport, Dr. This Oberhänsli.


The car theatre is an innovative, interactive presentation area with a dedicated visitor gallery. Visitors use a red signal button to select their favourite vehicle from the high rack storage area – like a voting show.


"The parking robot system from the company, which is rich in tradition, in Aitrach brings the jewel that has been selected out on a turntable for a closer look. Here, the selected items can be viewed from all sides and at the same time details are provided in an entertaining and informative manner," says Michael Zurbrügg, managing director of the Swiss company alftechnik GmbH, which is the company that sold the parking system for Klaus and now services it. In the first year, the resonance was very good. "The visiting public is totally thrilled – and I also hear comments about the car theatre when I am in many other places in Switzerland."


The car theatre uses modern technology to provide information about the history of the vehicles and to tell interesting stories about them. In computing terms, this would be considered Museum of Transport V2.0 because it's a museum where visitors don't just view the items, they actively interact with them. "This is an on-demand museum. Everyone can design their own museum tour by selecting what they want to see from the high rack storage area," says This Oberhänsli.


Information about the Swiss Museum of Transport

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern was opened on July 1st 1959 and is now the most diverse transport and communication museum in Europe and the most visited museum in Switzerland. A very large collection of locomotives, automobiles, boats and planes can be seen, in addition to exhibits from the area of communication. The Swiss Museum of Transport Association runs the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Please find below a report by the online magazine „zisch“ about the opening ceremony: